Art is not just about easels and paint brushes, it’s also about something that we appreciate it’s beauty, and it is also something that we love to do and do it artistically. As for me photography is an art, it made me feel happy, and appreciate life by putting them in paper. As for others, they find music as an art by making music in artistic way using other accessories such as a  markbass compressore from guitar center to make the music sound much better and will be appreciated by the listeners. So you can see, art has many meanings. It depends on the person who is doing art.

First Bloom of Spring 2014

Although it’s not officially Spring yet, but it feels like spring is already here in our neck of the woods.
I found this tiny wild flowers on the side of our walkway blooming so beautifully. Seeing it made me feel alive, hopeful, and thankful for Winter Season cause it made me appreciate this tiny beauty that I’m sure will be forgotten as soon as it’s officially Spring. Soon enough the grass will cover it and it will just be another wild flowers. Nevertheless, I thank God for this flower for bringing hope to this world. photo IMG_4275_zpsa5448a36.jpg

Excited for Spring and Hubby’s coming Bday

In a couple of weeks from now it will be officially Spring Season. I hope that time the weather will be warmer so we can enjoy it and smell the scent of Spring flowers and green grass. I sure can’t wait to shed some winter clothes and feel the sun on my skin. Got to love it right?

Anyway, hubby’s birthday is coming up, and until now I still don’t know what to give him for a present. I sure wish he likes jewelries cause I will really get him something from jewelry store . I’ve heard they have the best jewelries in town that anybody will surely love. A pretty watch or a man’s bracelet would be a perfect gift for him. They sure have a pretty collection.