First Snow Fall of Autumn 2014

We had unexpected snow fall last week and I tell you it was very pretty. I am one of those people who love snow and cant get enough snapping a lot of photos. I know winter this year is gonna be pretty exciting here in our neck of the woods cause we now live here in the backwoods where cars seldom pass by and I thought the road will be the last to plowed. But I was surprised last week because the snow plower truck came after 5hours when the snow started. I say I am impressed! I thought we would be stuck but I guess not. =)

Anyway, below photos were some of my take, isnt it all pretty? Just love all my shots here. Gotta take photos especially with the little one who is loving the snow fall.

 photo IMG_5590_zps03d16f04.jpg

 photo IMG_5605_zps06c3fc8a.jpg

 photo IMG_5561_zpsa5d27ad8.jpg

10th Bday

Jians 10th birthday! photo IMG_5437_zps79760083.jpg Low Light is just amazing when it comes to Canon 6D. This photo above was taken using the Canon 50mm lens in 800 ISO. How I wish it focus the cake as well. Oh well I need more practice. Maybe I will crank up the exposure next time. Event like this is just hard to fiddle the manual mode cause you need to snap a picture quick before the celebrant blow the candle.

Fall 2014

  photo IMG_5119_zps6022c553.jpg
Photo above was taken in Codorus State Park here in PA by the pool parking area when me and my kids went to watch the Pet Parade. It was a sight! Fallen leaves were everywhere. It was so beautiful to look at. Maple trees sure are beautiful, they make beautiful fallen leaves during Fall Season.

My first Senior Photo Session with Kyla

A friend of mine asked me to do her daughters Senior photos. I was hesitant at first cause I never done any professional photo shoot session before and I dont feel confident enough to do it to other people. The only people that I usually photographs are my kids so it doesnt worry me if the photos are bad or out of focus. My friend said that she loves all the photos that I took of the kids and want to hire me to do her daughters Senior portraits. I sure feel honored and its a big step for me, or I say its a first step to pursue photography professionally and not just a hobby. :-)

Anyway, here are the photos that I took of this pretty little lady. She is Kyla, daughter of my friend. Hope you like it!

 photo 2_zps5111acfb.jpg

 photo IMG_4535_zps7c4f5157.jpg

 photo IMG_4640_zps861790d8.jpg

 photo IMG_4638_zpseeee917f.jpg