The turtle who lives in our backyard

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This is my little box turtle who lives in our small backyard in Philippines for 15 years now. I got him since I was in college. A special friend of mine gave him to me in one of those special occasions. I haven’t seen him for a very long time since I left home to come here in US in 2007.

Last May 6, my kids and I went home in Phil for the first time in 6years. I looked for Mr Turtle right away because dad said that he is still alive roaming our backyard. I sure am so happy when I saw him. He didn’t grew much, he still look the same, the chip on his shell was still there. I told my kids about him, and let them hold him for awhile. They were so excited when they saw Mr Turtle and want to take him home with us here in US. Sad to say we can’t bring him home because the immigration won’t allow it. I was thinking of getting my kids a box turtle of their own someday where he can live in the pond freely, and put rocks around it so he will not go very far and get mowed. Right now we can’t have one because we are just renting. If we are settled in our own place, then we can get any pets they want. :-)

Check out the photo below. That’s my youngest touching Mr Turtle gently.

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Camera Critters


…the newest member of our family. She is a baby girl gray calico cat. We adopted her 2months ago from an Animal Shelter. She was the oldest cat in the room, thats why we chose her. We figured nobody would adopt her, because she is old and have an eye problem.  But guess what? She is the most sweetest cat ever! I so love her. We love her. She got these short legs, that we find so cute, which makes her look like a ball! lol. She is so soft, super gentle, very cuddly, barely make a sound, and her meow is the cutest ever. She is just perfect. I am so glad that we got her. She made us all very happy.

Below are her photos. She is wearing a PINK tag with an AVID Micro Chip, in case if she will get lost, we can find her easy. The tag also, includes information about her, and telephone number to call if somebody find her. But we dont have to worry about her getting lost because she is an indoor cat.



Well.. there you go. I hope you like my share for Pink Friday and Camera Critter

Pink Jelly Fishes of Virginia Aquarium

Photos were taken when we had our summer vacation at Virginia Beach. One of the places we went to is the Virginia Aquarium which is only 2miles away from the center of the beach. These pink jelly fishes caught my attention. They are so cute. They are as small as your finger, swimming in a 50 gallons of a square tank. Theres also blue color jelly Fishy.

photos are enhanced at Lightroom 3 to get rid of the glare and focus on the subject. camera used is Canon T3 18-55mm.Photobucket



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Camera Critters
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