Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

I love hair – I know that’s a weird thing to say but ever since I was a little girl I’ve been really into doing hair and making people look their personal best. That’s why when I was old enough to and my dad agreed to loan me the money I started my own salon. It’s doing really well and I’ve made quite a name for myself all over town and I think this is going to be the kind of business that will last me for the long haul. I’m learning so much about running a business, from how to choose a service from how to talk to vendors to how to market my shop, all of which I know are going to help me in the long term. I’m thinking of franchising the salon in the next couple of years but that’s a big step – let’s keep our fingers crossed that things keep going well so that makes sense for me to do! I can’t wait to be a hair mogul here in town!

Temperature in the East Coast

The temperature here in the East Coast has been in the 40F’s since the first day of the Winter Season. Because of this unusual temperature, some of our plants outside are sprouting. I even saw a dandelion flower on the ground, which I find it so weird to be still alive in this time of the year. But I know it will not last long, because I saw in the weather channel that the temperature will drop down in a few days from now. Thinking about it is giving me a headache, I hope my migraine will not attack me this season, because it would be so dreadful. I know hubby always suffer from migraine, sometimes he would stay at home all day, and just lay down still, because he cant take the pain. It worry me sometimes seeing him in pain, I know there are a lot of Migraine procedures this days that are effective in relieving chronic migraines. Ive read about the Omega Migraine Procedure online. They said that its really effective, and works really good. I better suggest this to hubby so that he will not suffer anymore from migraine, specially now that the weather is dropping down, he needs to have something like this.

after Christmas sale!

My favorite store is having a huge after Christmas Sale today! I so wanted to go to the mall and get myself a new dress and a pretty pair of shoes, but, I don’t have enough resources, cause I already spend it on presents, groceries, and more presents for Christmas. Looking at their website right now, and seeing all those discount shoes, is sure is making me drool. Oh, its so unbearable! But I need to settle down, and save my money for our new house. If I go shopping right now, hubby will be furious, and I cant get the furnitures that I wanted for our new house. oh bummer!

country side

One of the things that I love to photographs are the structures of a building, may it be historical or modernize, which I find so fascinating. I always wanted to go to the City and capture all the magnificent sky scraper buildings in my camera, but I never get the chance to go that much, because my husband doesnt want me to go due to security purposes and also experience all the hassle and the traffic in the City.
Well, here in the country, you dont see any tall buildings like in the City, but you will find a lot of historical houses, monuments and stone bridges, along the way as you drive along the country side. There are a lot of cool stuff like steel buildings, farm houses, pretty silos and brick bridges that are very nice to photograph too. Even though I dont get much chance to go to the City, the country sure has so much to offer and full of surprises anywhere you go.

Working in a Hospital

I was wondering what its like to work in the hospital. I’m always been curious since I was a child, and even dream of being one of the stuff, but due to certain things, I was not able to push through that goal. Life have ventured me into something more noble that only a parent can do. Anyhow, working in a hospital is not quite easy. It demands long hours of work, and must be there whenever get called in. I bet the life of a nurse or a doctor is very hectic, but in spite their busy schedule, they can still find time to take care of themselves and look good at their patients, as what I’ve observed. I find them fashionable and sexy with those cute nurses scrub uniforms. I bet they got it from, that sells any types of nursing shrubs uniforms.

Heres one of my favorite in their website, the Royal Blue Set that is made from good quality material and good stitching, for a reasonable price. They have other colors too that will fit your skin color, like Sienna, Peacock, Slate Grey, and Crimson wine, that are all gorgeous.

But if you dont like any of these colors, you can always have it custom made. Yep, that’s right! They offer custom made shrubs in their website, ain’t that cool? You can choose any style you like, color, length of your shrubs, where to place the pocket , and what style of stitching you like, maybe plain or classic, for a great price! Not only that, they got shrubs for kids too, and lots of accessories that goes with your cute shrubs.