Sunset on Christmas Day at Longwood Gardens, PA

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My family visited Longwood Gardens on Christmas Day to see their Holiday Decorations indoor and outdoor. I tell ya it was breath taking. But what I really wanted to share to you is the skies that day when we entered the Garden. I believed it was the most beautiful ever when blue, white, and sun rays merge together when the Sun is about to set. I thank God for such beauty on this special Day. It was amazing to witness it.

This is my Entry for Skywatch Friday


My Sunset shot of Skyline Drive

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 Here is a sunset shot of the Skyline Drive, Virginia. Too bad this is the only photo I got when the sun was setting. We were at the opposite side of the mountain where we can’t see the glorious sun descending from the horizon. And it was so dark to see the  mountains, so I just snapped on the sky instead. It was still beautiful though.

Hope you like my entry for Skywatch Friday!

Skywatch : Sunset in Spring Grove, PA


I had a teacher-parent conference at my sons School last Wednesday, and when I got out of the building, this is the view that greeted me. I had an  ohhh and ahh moment for a bit. lol. I find it so beautiful and breath taking. I dont have my camera with me, so I used my Cellphone to capture this beauty.

My sons school is located on top of the hill, so it has a great view of the sunset.

Lightroom 3. Retro Effect.

I took this photo last weekend afternoon, when the weather was perfect. The sun was at 3:00 position and was reflecting to all the trees and leaves in our property. It was beautiful, the trees looks like they were on fire.

Anyhow, I set the aperture higher, so the sun will be visible and the rest will be dark. it came out great! Photo below is Straight Out Of Camera.


Straight Out Of Camera

Photo Below is Enhanced by LightRoom 3(LR3) Retro Preset. cool effect huh?



toggled the temp to 100, still in retro preset

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Skywatch Friday

PhotobucketWhen I took this photo.. believe me, it was raining! isnt that so weird? I mean you can see blue skies and some part were a bit darker. but that time our sky above was not dark. I was wondering where does the rain come from? lol. it was the weirdest ever. and I thought the formation of the clouds was really cool, so I took a snapshot right away. This photo was taken last week, I know its a little bit late, but I just wanted to share it.

Have a great weekend ahead! :-)