My Pink Friday entry #3 Pink blouse and Pink belt

PhotobucketThis photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when my kids and I attended a birthday party in one of my friends house here in York. I was wearing this pink sheer blouse and pink belt that I bought in Taiwan, when I was still working there 6 years ago as an OFW. Its been sitting in my closet for a long time,  sinced I gained weight, after I delivered my little buddy  2 years ago. Since then I had a hard time getting back to my old weight. So I was very happy that I finally I got it  out from my closet. I was glad that it fit me cause I really like it a lot and so thus the skirt.  :-)

Anyhow, these two beautiful ladies here with me are my friends here in PA, both are Bisaya like me. :-)

Pink Friday #1 : Pink Rose

Here’s my First Meme Entry for   
a Pink Rose taken by my old camera  Canon PowerShot A590 IS in Macro setting.
This is actually a flower bush that starts to bloom in the first week of Summer all through Fall season.
It ‘s situated in front of our yard near the drive way, which brings color to our very green surroundings.
Below is the bush taken by my old camera Canon Powershot 130IS